Wednesday, 9 November 2005

A Conversation

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my attendance at a show with other Chorus members. It seems that some kindly soul, probably in the interest of reconcilation and peace, has forwarded a link to this post to one of the persons described in it. Tonight I received communication by email from this person and the following exchange ensued (you will need to refer to the original post to understand what this is about):


Read your rousing blog about our night out at Hedwig. I was so glad to find out how shallow and 'in love' with you I am. Had I not read about my love interest for you (apparently shared by everyone else who came into contact with you), I might have forgotten that you were there at all.

No, honestly, no hard feelings. The blog was a good source of humor for me and others who read it.

Well, I am off to shop for expensive watches to base my self-worth on,

Shallow, Philandering American

I am glad to have been of help. Perhaps I should buy a watch to get closer to reality myself...

All the best,

Have one of your adoring fans by [sic] you a watch...

Actually, better not, that "lifestyle" doesn't suit you.


Unfortunately, as you so justly reminded me, my powers of seduction do not extend that far... so yes, like the delusional Cinderella that I was on that night, I will keep away from the "lifestyle"...

It seems I have made another friend, I am so good at that... SL and I do not know each other and it looks like we probably never will. It is important however to remember that this episod is not about personalities but about perceptions and assumptions that people make when interacting. Assumptions are unavoidable and necessary. The point is to remaind open-minded and ready to reassess one's assumptions as one progresses; using them as tools and not being imprisoned by them.

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  1. So has this email exchange changed your opinion of SL, or just emphasised it?

    Also I fail to understand how an expensive watch can lead to a different lifestyle, have I just not grasped he concept?

  2. How amusing! But I have warned you before about the risks of blogging about those you know in less than flattering terms. And in case you decide to turn your attention to me, in the words of the News of the World, my lawyers are watching...

  3. Anonymous, thanks for you comments. Since you have not left your name, I unfortunately do not know whose lawyers I should be wary of...

    As for writing about someone "in less than flattering terms", I think I have made very little more than reporting what this person said or did. My only comment on him being "The guy seems to have more money than sense if you ask me..." I am sure he can live with this, especially coming from me.

  4. Dear me, Zefrog, you are turning me into a gossip queen... I'm just dying to know which voice part SL sings, as I can only spot two people with those initials...


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