Wednesday, 9 November 2005

Manual Spam

This is a message to the Polish twat who has been posting (what is probably straight) porn links in the comments of 27 of my posts. Their IP is

This is a gay blog. My (few) readers are not interested in your junk. You are wasting your time and mine. You will have noticed that I have restricted comments to registered users and, something you are not aware of, I have reported you to Blogger (the host of this blog).

So just bugger off, will you and give us both a break!


  1. You go girl !!!

    However, should anyone want to have a look at my own blog, which occassionally has some gay eye candy on it. please visit Slightly Lost in the world.

    Thats advertising for you :0)

    Slightly. xx

  2. What is a "gay blog"?

  3. A "gay blog" is a festering can of worm I am willing to open at the moment... ;O)


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