Friday, 9 March 2007

Cursed Civil Partnerships

male grooms

There used to be a time when seeing straight friends getting married, having children and going in off in the sunset to live in their own little exclusive bubble of domestic bliss, I could find some comfort in the fact that at least my gay friends would not let me down in the same way and remain as miserable as me.

Since the introduction of Civil Partnerships over a year ago, it seems that everyone is now getting itched. First it was the girls, then it was Adam and Ian, then Slightly, my business partner, and now it is czechOUT's turn. And of course, they are going to take the best ones.

All this gut-churning "lurving" and house-playing is simply revolting for my poor bitter, envious and twisted heart of disconsolate, hardened spinster. Hopefully some of them will remember to save me one of the furry things they will no doubt soon start to produce. If not, I'm just really going to have to get a cat and take up knitting.

Almost makes a girl want to shout: "Ian Paisley for new leader of Labour!"



    And yes i have taken the best, sexiest, cutest, lovliest, cuddlyiest, best looking, inteligent, hunky, dreamy, best-man-on-the-planet.

    So you do have a point.

    (sick yet?)

  2. Ian Paisley as new leader of Labour? Judging from the recent revelations about his and Tony B's Christian bookswapping love-in, he's half way there already. Doubtless he would be welcomed with open arms by the "anyone but Gordon" crowd.


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