Thursday, 22 March 2007

What the Christian Right Doesn't Want You to See Anymore

The offensive What The Government Doesn't Want You To Know YouTube video I referred to in this post yesterday, has now been "removed by the user".

I thankfully had thought about downloading it yesterday (using a nifty little Firefox add-on), so I now have a copy for future reference. Was it only intended as a teaser for the demonstration it advertised to be taken down as soon as the demo had passed or has there been some (internal) pressure? We will never know.

As friend of mine, who has seen the thing, expressed the following thoughts by email:
Appalling and dangerous, but can anyone other than enshrined bigots really take such propaganda seriously? Like you I worry about such things but think (hope) they only really reach the small number of warped individuals that common sense and decency never will.

However.... I follow American gay issues and have noted in recent months an upsurge in right wing campaigns against any sex and equality discussions in schools and colleges. In state after state battles are underway and it seems a growing form of 'gaybashing'.

I have to say I unfortunately don't share his optimism. Having been to the demo in January, I am aware that the majority of the people attending did not have a clue as to why they were there. Certianly they were quite happy to believe what they had been told about the SOR without checking for themselves. I also know that the YouTube video had had over 18000 hits.

This could potentially do a lot of damage considering how emotive people can be when children are involved. The very reason, I would imagine, why the fundies are, now that nothing else seem to be working, concentrating on schools for their homophobic scaremongering...

Yesterday's defeat must have enraged them to an even higher point of irrationality. I think we must prepare ourselves for new vicious attacks. Unfortunately

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