Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Kudos to Kudos and to Me

Following this morning's post, I found myself this afternoon, quite uncharacteristically, in a bar. I haven't been to Kudos for a couple of years now I think. It certainly feels like it anyway. The clientele seems more or less the same (older men, east asian guys, blick guys mostly)but the decor has changed.

After sometimes spent upstairs, my companion and I moved to the basement area. The last time I was there, the basement looked like a noisy miniature club, with a dance floor and a large screen showing video clips in a loop. This space has now been turned into a classy lounge, with sofas, cushions, leather and candles. There is even a piano with a cute waiter playing it at the time when I was there. When he stopped, the music that replaced him was jazzy and low. They have some sort of crooner performing later tonight.

The most important thing however: it is a non smoking area.

Having spent sometimes upstairs, I still reek fo smoke but being down there was O so nice... I think I might even be back!

In other news, I have just been hired (part-time) as the webmaster for the LGBT History Month website. You won't seen any difference for a while yet but be prepared for some changes... I am quite excited by this, I must say. I get paid (not too much) to do something I like and to support something I feel is very important indeed. What else could I ask for.

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