Sunday, 18 March 2007

Sexual Orientation Regulations - Related Documents

Craig Nelson, in his LGBT Blog, has a post bringing together all the major documents related to the Sexual Orientation Regulations; from the draft Regulations to consultation responses via assessments and committee reports.

There is also a quick summary of the differences between the British and Northern Irish versions of the Regulations, and a list of the different exemptions included in the draft, whether on religious grounds or not.
Have a look.

To read my (growing number of) previous posts on the subject, please click here or on "Sexual Orientation Regulations" in the right hand menu.


  1. The Equality Act 2006 gives the Secretary of State the power to make regulations relating to discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation - so the rgeulations are made under, and are not part of, the Equality Act. But,so that the executive's power is subject to some form of control by the legislature, the minister is not able to make them unless a draft has been approved by both the Commons and the Lords.

  2. I note that the House of Commons has now adjourned and therefore am assuming that a motion to approve the regulations has been carried, but have absolutley no confirmation of this yet, though also no news to the contrary either.

    The Lords is due to vote on Wednesday with heavy pressure form the religious right in the Church of England to whip up a homophobic campaign in the Lords (there's a first - we've never seen anything like that have we?)


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