Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Who Are The Perverts Here?

During the whole controversy around the Sexual Orientation Regulations, right wing Christians have never hesitated to distort the truth to try and forward their hateful rhetoric. That started last year with that advert in the Times, which is still being investigated by the Advertising Standards Agency, following 48 complaints. Then we had all the high profile attacks and lies from various religious leaders.

And now this piece of vile rubbish:

There are also several videos on YouTube featuring various interventions by "bishop" Michael Reid. He seems to be an independent "bishop" with his own church and he is the one who brought Ian Paisley at the demonstration outside Parliament on 09 January this year. In those videos, he keeps citing figures (how many of gay people there are, how many of us are in couples) from a study by one Welcome Foundation. Strangely enough, I could not find a trace of that Foundation on google or even on the "bishop"'s website, let alone anything about the study.

There is also a rather moving response to the above video from Davidlyme

There is a follow up video here, where davidlyme reads an email he sent to the author of the first video on this post.

Now tell me who are the hateful abominations here?

See this post for an update on this.

To read my (growing number of) previous posts on the subject, please click here or on "Sexual Orientation Regulations" in the right hand menu.

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