Thursday, 26 April 2007

Not a Good Day

I was caught in a bus accident on Tuesday afternoon.

I was in Mornington Crescent, on the side of Koko (formerly known as the Camden Palace), on my way back from a meeting in North London. At this point where Bayham Street and Crowndale Road converge into a one way street. The bus I was on was coming from the right and was starting to move to the left of the newly formed double lane to do a left at the end of the street towards Euston.

I was sitting upstairs on the left hand side, towards the back of the bus, listening to the radio and looking out of the window. I saw a white council-type mobility van coming very quickly (visibly too quickly) towards us from the left.

The corner of the bus caught the van. As far as I can remember, there was some noise but we did not feel much. I saw the end of the van starting to tip under the shock of the impact. Fortunately, a providential lampost was there to prevent it from tumbling on the pavement.

Stoically, the passengers got up, got off the bus and walked to the nearby bus stop to wait for the next bus. I followed, noting as I was getting out of the bus that the van's driver, who had escaped being hit by the corner of the bus by about a metre was taking pictures of the damages with his cameraphone. The bus driver was fetching his bus' side view mirror.

I was not feeling well that day. A short bout of fever, like I get from time to time (this may be the subject of another post soon), was brewing in my bones. I was aching for my bed and I almost broke into tear with I was turned away from the crammed bus that came next. My journey home probably took twice as long as it should have.

I went straight to bed and dozed until the next day when things were back to their normal uneventfulness.

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