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The Touch Typed Diary - Voyage

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I started this as a way to train at touch typing (hence the title) which I have finally taken up learning more or less seriously. At first I was typing what nonsense came across my mind and deleted it once I had finished. Gradually, it just turned into a diary relating the events (not very numerous) of my life. This has also the advantage of keeping me relatively busy at work when I have nothing else to do which seem to happen rather frequently these days.

07 February 2002

I am still feeling quite tired from my week-end; although the fatigue I feel is probably only in part due to this.

The bad news is that it is not going to improve just yet. I had a voice message from PFM on my machine on Tuesday when I came back home from work, asking me to call her back as she was feeling down.

She has (finally) split up with her girlfriend who has moved out. They had been together for a year and a half but had already bought a house and a car together; this in spite of the fact that the relationship had always been rather shaky and had grown even more so lately. They had actually started to beat each other up.

Apparently, for the last three weeks, things had gone even worst and finally came to a head last week-end when PFM found out that K. had been unfaithful.

After talking some time on the phone, going over the situation, PFM telling me how K. had deprived her of any social life and how she now felt even more lonely than it is usually the case in those circumstances, we decided that I would go to Paris to see her this week-end and that she would come to London next week-end.

Yesterday, I booked my £163.00 Eurostar tickets. PFM says she will pay for it but I can not really see why. I am leaving on Friday at 17.15 after work and will be back on Sunday around 1900.

This means I am going to miss the meeting of the reading group for the first time since its creation! I must say I am quite sad about that. The irony lies in the fact that I am the one who chose the book that will be discussed. I think it is a rather good book and I hope someone will be kind enough to fill me up on what has been said. We also had to discuss changing the day of the meetings to a weekday, which would allow us to accept the offer of Jim from Gay's the Word to use the shop as a venue. The guy I met at the book launch the other day was meant to come too, although somehow I doubt he will show up. And there are new members to welcome with perhaps a dream boat amongst them, you never know…

In Paris, PFM wants us to go out twice. This is not going to help me have some rest! She is determined to meet someone else as soon as possible to help her forget about K.. Probably not such a good idea but PFM would not stop at that sort of irrelevance, would she?

The interesting detail is that she says she is not interested by men any more, she who used to say she could never go out with a girl, as there would be something missing.

She also wants me to meet someone; to kill two birds as it were. But I do not want to meet someone in France. Having a relationship over two countries is not really my idea of simplicity.

In a previous phone call, she had told me about one of her colleagues who, in addition to being musclely, apparently shares the same views as I on love and relationships. I told her yesterday that it would be fun to meet him if it was possible for her to organise that but I expect, I think I even hope, that nothing will come out of that meeting if it ever takes place.

There is also a plan to have her meet D. who, in addition to being a very nice guy, knows a lot of people and will hopefully be able to introduce some of them to PFM as she is in serious need of friends. I have arranged to phone him on Saturday and we will then be meeting in the evening for dinner and will probably go clubbing together too.

Next week, PFM will be coming on Thursday night; I have taken my Friday off. No specific plan as been laid yet except that we will probably go to the London Eye on Sunday with J. and a friend of hers. And some retail therapy obviously.

More on Monday I expect. If I am still alive that is!

On a completely different (?) subject, I have met this guy the other day (was it on Sunday?) on the Internet and we have started to chat be E-mail. There is a nice picture of a torso on his profile but it was the profile itself that caught me eye. It strangely went more or less along the same lines as mine. The spooky detail is that he is French too.

Anyway, we have been exchanging views on the scene and the general behaviour of our “sisters”, he has advised me to read books by Yves Navarre and so on… I do not know where this is going; hopefully to a nice friendship. He seems to be slightly non-committing though, so he might finally just decide to pull the plug, which would be a shame. Well, que sera sera!

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