Saturday, 7 April 2007


Slightly's present

It's birthday time for the business partner.

A time of celebration and anticipation. Birthdays are also a time when people take stock, look back and assess how far the have moved (or not). Probably not too much Slightly can regret from the past few years even if there are a few scares.

At 28 (the big three zero is nigh!) though, things are looking good for Master Slightly. He has found himself a new custodian in the shape of a lovely boyfriend soon to become a husband, and in a few days they are moving together to what is apparently a lovely flat in that new hub of sarf London "gayty": Depford.

He even receives email requests from people in Poland who collect "photos with autographs from very important people" (that might only be a delayed April's Fool or a way to get his signature for some identity fraud but that made me laugh). Life is moving on full steam for Slightly.

I can rest and relax; go back to my knitting and forget about the phone ringing several times a day. Happy birthday, Slightly, best wishes. Come and collect your present when you can (try and guess what that might be from the pic above). In a couple of weeks perhaps?


  1. Oh dear, are you knitting. I think you may be the Elephant and Castle's equivalent of Madame Defarge at the foot of the guillotine ...

    ... another head in the basket of Civil Partnership ;-))

    Courage, mon brave, our time will come!


  2. Nah, nothing that sinister: I'm only rubbing my needle really... ;O)

  3. my. 28. I could have *sworn* that his profile said he was 27!!!


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