Sunday, 15 April 2007

Sarah Waters

In October last year, I wrote on this blog about my communications with Sarah Waters' publishers when I contacted them to invite Sarah to attend a meeting of my reading group and discuss her latest book, The Night Watch.

Well today was the big day. The group has been going this June 2001 and we now boast over 100 members. Most of the time however, only about 7 or 8 people turn up at a meeting. Such was Sarah's attraction that we broke all our records of attendance with 19 people turning up to first discuss the book and then meet it author.

Sarah was as nice as she is recognised to be and she stayed an hour and a half with us explaining the genesis of the story and the book. We asked questions made comments and we all had a great time. Hopefully she had too.

She also told us that the BBC had optioned the rights to The Night Watch, making it the third of her four published books to be adapted for TV.

Sarah is the fifth author to attend one of our meetings. The others were Laurence Brown, Marion Husband, Alan Sheridan and VG Lee. Interestingly and for unknown reasons, a majority of female authors. Are their more lesbian authors in the UK than their are gay ones?

The backstory:
* Sarah Waters' Publishers
* Sarah Waters' Publishers - Again

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