Friday, 11 February 2005

Links of the Day

Lynne Cheney Gets Snappish In Gay Amendment Interview
(Washington) Lynne Cheney, wife of U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, opposes the constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage that President George W. Bush repeatedly has called for.

MP: "Tolerating gays is not enough in bullying fight"
Schools minister Stephen Twigg MP has told schools that promoting tolerance towards sexual diversity is "not enough" at a conference on tackling homophobic bullying, calling for more action on discrimination and prejudice.

Mystery Anti-Gay 'Journalist' Goes Underground
(Washington) A man accredited by the White House as a journalist has gone underground after being exposed as a fake, a possible a shill for the president, and perhaps a spy for the Pentagon trying to out gays in the military.
More on this story on AMERICAblog

From Têtu's headlines. Têtu is the French equivalent of Attitude or Gay Times. The article is in French but I have translated it below.

ESPAGNE (Société)
Une rue honore la fierté gay

Léon, dans la région de Castille-Léon, aura désormais sa rue dédiée au jour de la fierté gay, l'«Orgullo Gay», qui a lieu le 28 juin. La rue du 28 Juin, pionnière en Espagne, est la preuve de la reconnaissance des revendications du collectif des gays, lesbiennes et transsexuels et a été proposée par le groupe municipal socialiste. D'après la présidente du collectif COGALE, Isabel Pastor, «c'est un pas de plus vers lanormalisation».

Par Martine Audusseau - Le 11/02/2005


SPAIN (Society)
A Street to Honour Gay Pride

Léon, in the Castillla-Léon region, will from now have a street dedicated to Gay Pride day, "Orgullo Gay", which takes place every 28 June. 28 June Street, pioneering in Spain, is proof of the recognition of the LGBT Collective's demands and was proposed by the Labour group of the City Council. For Isabel Pastor, president of the COGALE Collective, "This is one more step towards normalisation".

article by Martine Audusseau - 11/02/2005

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