Saturday, 19 February 2005

Nightly Ramblings

I have been blogging for about 4 months now and I thought it was time for me to stop and take stock. As stated in my first posts on here, I was given the inspiration to blog by Salam Pax (Where is Raed?). Unfortunately, Salam seems to have disappeared from the blogosphere to spread his wings in the real world (From what I here, a documentary, he filmed has recently been released).

I have now written thousands of words (unfortunately, the stats facility has been "temporarily" disabled so I can not tell exactly how many) but it seems that this blog has taken a life of its own. Ok, I was never exactly clued at to what I would be talking about here but it appears the blog has taken the decision for itself. Amongst the blogs I regularly read (see the blogroll on the right hand side), there are personal accounts, musings, fiction, news. People tell about their lives, others comment on that of their country. As usual I seem to be sitting on the fence; both talking about my experiences (some of them anyway) and commenting on pieces of news which caught my eye. And as someone told me today, there seems to be a gay theme to my blog... One reassuring thing is that the title was quite aptly chosen. This is really aimless ramblings. Perhaps, I would have liked to have more personal stuff to write and possibly to rely little less on and, but nothing in myself seem to be of enough importance to make it to these pages and at least to give me enough drive to write about it.

A point that both brings some disappointment and does not make things easier is the lack of reactions and comments I get from my few visitors. I know this is personal and I decide what is to be posted and what is not but the fact that is it published for all to read give the readers some sort of importance to and a right to give some input too. At the very least, I would be able to tell whether I am doing things right or not. If my ramblings are of any interest to anyone or if i am to be condemned to speak out in empty space. One sure is for certain though: I will continue to speaking out.

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