Monday, 7 February 2005

Today's Selection

Democrats Openly Courting Anti-Gay Religious Right
(Washington) The religious right in the United States is getting proof of their political influence from a surprising source, Hillary Clinton

Will UN Recognize 'Gay Kingdom'?
(Sydney, Australia) Its a tiny coral island off the coast of Australia but it could become the center of a major battle at the United Nations.

Tatchell: My life of civil war
On the occasion of his addition to the new edition of Who's Who, campaigner Peter Tatchell has spoken of how his fight against injustice has resulted in him becoming a target of attacks and abuse, and how he has been forced to modify his home into a fortress against "violent opponents".

Murder music campaign suspended as truce offered to gay activists
The campaign against music that incites violence towards lesbian and gay people could be on the verge of halting today, after organisers agreed to a new partnership with representatives of the reggae industry.

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