Wednesday, 23 February 2005

Links of the Day

Canadian Lawmakers Swamped With Anti-Gay Mail From US
(Washington) Bob MacCready's already written to Canadian Liberal MPs who support allowing gays to marry, telling them he thinks it's against God's own law and everything that's decent.

Swiss Gay Partner Breakups Mirror Those For Straights
(Geneva) About seven percent of the same-sex couples who registered as domestic partners in Geneva have "divorced" about the same percentage as the number of straight couples who registered, officials said Tuesday.

Gay Marriage 'Insidious' Pope Declares
(Vatican City) Pope John Paul, in a new book, calls same-sex marriage part of "a new ideology of evil" that is threatening society.

And an interesting and rather sensitive (more than what the pope can claim to) reaction to this. Look here too or here.

Gay groups complains over tabloid response to History Month
The organisers of the country's first ever LGBT History Month have made an official complaint about the tabloid reaction to it, criticising The People newspaper in particular.

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