Wednesday, 23 February 2005


I was quietly ironing a shirt this morning, getting ready to go to work and listening to the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4 as I do every morning when the presenter introduced this subject. In an ongoing campaign against the show Jerry Springer, the Opera, a bunch of Scottish bible wielders have threatened Maggie’s Centres, a cancer charity, of reprisals if the said charity gave up on £10,000 (note that the Christian group at the origin of this only mention £3,000), the producers of the show were going to donate them. And the charity actually stupidly caved in!!!! This is outrageous!!!! I can not find words to say how pissed off I am with this.

*camera pans on to me shouting at my radio and fuming, on my own, in my bathrobe a hot iron in the hand*

Radio 4 had invited someone from Christian Voice, the group responsible for this and David Soul (who plays Jerry Springer in the show), who, unfortunately, let's face it, is not very good at delivering his own lines (he is not very articulate!). Soul still managed to call this action unchristian and equivalent to blackmail. One listening to the programme, one learnt that Christian Voice had actually threatened the charity of demonstrations in front of their premises should they take the so-called "tainted money". This allowed the group to congratulate themselves on saving the charity from a PR disaster with Christian donors by avoiding reactions which they were going to fabricate themselves. Christian Voice, created the whole incident from scratch to obviously, as the spokesperson for the charity says, promote their own agenda. We know that fundamentalist Christians are not averse to that type of tricks to gain publicity, what is truly disheartening and incredible, is that the charity actually gave in. By doing so, they apparently wanted to avoid offending Christian sufferers of cancer and their families. I am offended by their conduct and I should think I am not the only one. As David Soul pointed out cancer is not a solely Christian disease; other people suffer from it and would have been grateful of the money, I am sure.

At the end of this press release on the subject, we can read that the leader of Christian Voice has the nerve to "
hope and pray that Maggie’s Centres will know the blessing of God in their efforts to raise funds for their London centre and that it will become a beacon of excellence in cancer care.
" I would just like to point out that god would not have to bother with this and the centre would have happened much earlier had not those self-appointed defenders of the faith muddled in!!! By preventing the occurrence of a good deed, are not these people promoting the "culture of death" they claim to be fighting against?

Once again an example of irresponsible Christian zealots taking actions in the name of good which will actually bring evil results. I am thinking of the Catholic church, denying human realities and preventing its followers from using condoms, thus being instrumental to the death of thousand of people.

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