Thursday, 24 February 2005

Not Very Orthodox

An interesting postscript to this month's Stonewall's newsletter by Ben Summerskill:

"I couldn't help noticing a newspaper report the other day about the Greek Orthodox Church. The Church, which still furiously condemns homosexuality as an "abomination", is embroiled in a chain of embarrassments.

One leading cleric has been arrested in an Athens nightclub on suspicion of drug dealing. The Archbishop's former private secretary has, apparently, been having gay sex with a bishop. Another bishop has been suspended after allegedly embezzling four million euros and yet another has been charged with antique smuggling. Meanwhile "rampant homosexuality" has been uncovered among priests."

Here the Guardian's article Summerskill is presumably refering to.

While browsing to find the above article, I came accross this very interesting link on Homosexuality and Religions summing up the position of 45 Christian Churches on the subject.

Another link I came accross while browsing. A highlight begotted view of the Real impact of Senate Bill 3186 from "YOUR NORTHWEST ILLINOIS NEWS SOURCE SINCE 1847", the Journal Standard. And guess who is the author? A Reverend!!!

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