Wednesday, 21 September 2005

As Expected...

By email:

You were pipped to the post I'm afraid, and the position has been offered to an outside candidate. You were appointable, and are a reserve if the candidate declines our offer for any reason.

You had no major areas of weakness [...], and you did very well at the tests; it's just the other candidate did slightly better. As a tip for the future, you ought to sell yourself more. We all knew that you must have done more, and contributed to improvements more than you said. It would help if you could have given more examples of how pro-active you had been in the past. As I say, the other candidate just gave fuller answers and clearly had been a PA before, and so gained a slightly higher score than the rest.

Thank you very much for expressing an interest in the post, it was very much appreciated. Please feel free to pop up if you would like to discuss your interview, or perhaps a forthcoming interview elsewhere, as I am very happy to assist.

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