Thursday, 29 September 2005

Must Be Autumn

I can tell that Summer is over. Nothing to do with the cold weather, the rain and the wind we have had for the past week or so, nothing to do with the calendar, nothing to do with the students reappearing on the way to the university on my street, nothing to do with the fact that the guys have started to dress up and don't show so much flesh. Although now that you mention it...

What tells me that Autumn is upon us is amount of people joining my reading group this month. I am a founding member of the group. We had our first meeting in June 2001 and by September I had become the moderator of the group; creating the Yahoo! group for the mailing list and a website which I still update monthly. Looking at the record, we seem to be getting an average of two new member a month which means we built up a membership of over 70 now. Thankfully not everybody turns up at meetings and we are usually an ideal group of 4 to 10 people. Some members are I think just happy to get the reading suggestion and have never been to a meeting.

This month, we have had six new members, so far. We don't advertise for the group. WE are listed on search engines of course and Gay's Word (London's gay bookshop) link to us from their website but this is it. The only reason for this increase in new members is that people are turning to indoors activities. Must be Autumn....

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