Monday, 19 September 2005


Today marks the fourth anniversary of my coming to work with my current employer. I was there originally as a temp for one month only. I have been permanent here past two and a half years.

Today is also another interview day for me. In a return to a more natural order of things, I will be in the hot seat. I am applying for a secondment position (for a minimum duration of 3 months, "to be reviewed after this period") with my current employer. Although the job title for the position is "Legal Secretary", they are basically trying to get a PA on the cheap. I would be supporting two senior lawyers. Nothing I haven't more or less done already. However there are four other candidates for the position who presumably are fully fledged legal secretaries already.

I have done tests already where I did rather well, except for the typing test. My hope is that not so much typing will be required that this will have a big influence on the final decision. I am also hoping that my results to the other tests (comprehension, spelling and classification) are significantly higher than that of the others. There is also the bonus point that Both interviewers (the lawyers I would be supporting) know me and I think have a good image of me and my work (I have actually already worked for one of them).

Let's hope that today will prove as portentous as that same automnal day four years ago...

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