Wednesday, 28 September 2005

A Blue Plaque for Auntie Pig

Phillis Pearsall, known Auntie Pig by last Hong Kong Governor, Chris Patten, his family and others, is the heroine of the book I am currently reading. And a true heroine, she is.
Phillys Pearsall, MBE.
In 1935, at 29 and on her own, she walked all of London streets (the 23000 of them) and created the now ubiqitous and much loved A-Z guide. She was also an renonwed painter. Daughter of a Hungarian immigrant, she seems to have led a life of solitude but managed to keep her good spirit throughout driven by her will of steel.

Today, Southwark Council announced the results of their third blue plaques competitions,, which includes one for Phyllis at the house where she was born in Dulwich.

More about Mrs P. and the company she founded.

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  1. Her plaque is long over due. She is also a respected typographer, alothough not creditied with the design of any faces, her arrangement of type is considered one of the most interesting of her age.

  2. Nothing is actually said in the book about her being a typographer. I don't think it is very good to be honest. It dwells way too much on the relationship between her parents and not enough on Mrs P herself. An uninspired book about a very inspiring woman.


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