Monday, 26 September 2005


Some very frustrated news about Visible, the magazine I am trying to launch with Slightly Lost. Althoug we have had some very encouraging and enthusiastic responses from every one we have been talking with about it, it seem the project might not happen for several months now. We have already managed to "sell" the whole of the planned print run of 75000 copies. Last week, we had close to 3000 hits on the website. And this is happening without almost any promotion of the title. That is the good news.

The bad news is that the person who was going to sell the advertising space in the magazine, has cried out and has left us in a lurch. This is an essential part of the project as its funding rests upon it. And to be honest with the sort of news I have detailed above, the selling of the space should relatively straight forward. We are now therefore looking (quite desperately) for someone who would have the time, skills and interest to join the team and actually get us that money.

The responsibilities of the job go as follows:
- To recognise and contact advertisers with the aim of selling advertising space in the paper edition.
- To assist in developing the database of potential advertisers.
- To maintain the database by updating it regularly with contacts details and new contacts.
- To undertake such other duties commensurate with the level and duties of the posts as may be required.

This is a free lance position, with a 10% commission on all advertising sales generated. There are a few grands to be made there.

We welcome applications from all areas of the community.

Contact the publisher if you are interested.

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