Tuesday, 13 September 2005

Visibly Musical

Even if, as some of my readers pointed out to me, it never stopped me before, not much has been happening recently in my miserable life warranting to be broadcast to the ether. No more lousy dates, no more breath-taking encounters. Hence my now two weeks long silence.

Chorus has started again after the summer break and we are gearing up towards Christmas already. We had a new intake of member last week and last night I was assigned to Buddy up with one of the "newbies". I haven't had much of a chance to talk to him but it has transpired that he has had some training as a counter tenor. I shall have a few questions to ask him about this as I am particularly fond of this type of voice.

Starting the Chorus again also means meetings to go to. Last night, we "re-launched" the Steering Committee in an attempt to generate more involvment from members. Although it is not exactly how it had been planned originally, I ended up having to intorduce my committee and its work to about a hundred people. While I would have been ok doing this, had I had a script, I felt I did not do too good a job of it (which is ironic for a marketing person). When I am stressed my accent comes back to the fore, which in turn makes me self-conscious and I tend to forget what I want to talk about... which I did. Not an agreable experience.

In another field, I have been asked by Slightly-Lost to take part into his new project. He is involved with organising LGBT History Month and, as a fundraiser, has come up with the idea of publishing a free national quarterly magazine on LGBT History. I have been made editor of the new title, visible, while Slightly is the publisher and designer and a all load of other things beside. We are appealing to people we know to contribute with articles and it seems to be going quite well. First issue is planned for December 2005.

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