Wednesday, 14 September 2005

My First Interview

I am a bit nervous. Later today, in my new quality of editor for visible, I will be doing my first interview. This time, I won't be the interviewee (that's in job interviews) but the interviewer...

My first victim is going to be Sue Sanders, a lesbian activist at the helm of Schools Out and LGBT History Month. The occasion is the press launch of next year's edition of the Month and her receiving an award for her action.

I sort of know Sue a bit and she is very supportive of visible so it should be ok. I have a (longish) list of questions ready and hopefully they are not too silly. After that I will have to write the article, which I think will take the form of a narative including the gist of what Sue said with the occasional quote and hopefully sprinkled with a few witty remarks and astute observations.

Well... wish me luck...

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