Friday, 20 January 2006

Big Brother, Rula Lenska and Me - Update 1

Those of you who read yesterday's post and watched BBLB this morning already know that I had a full night sleep instead of being whisked across London in the wee hours.

The researcher from the show rang me again yesterday and explained that because they had to invite an egal number of supporters for each potential evictee, we could not come and plea for Rula to stay in as was originally planned. However, we are still on for an appearance either on the Sunday edition of the show if she gets evicted tonight or later next week, again for the interview with Dermot O after her eviction.

I was told a little secret about Rula in the House last night by someone who has remained in touch with her after the show. I can't say anything though (not until she is out of the House anyway). Sorry.

Watch this space...

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