Thursday, 19 January 2006

Big Brother, Rula Lenska and Me

I usually keep my mobile switched off during weekdays; only switching it on after work and at week-ends. Last night when I turned the think on, I had a voice mail from Big Brother. Well from one of the researchers on Celebrity Big Brother's Little Brother (BBLB) anyway.

The 'mad polish countess', Rula LenskaAs some of my readers will be aware, Rula Lenska was hosting the Christmas show of the London Gay Men's Chorus in December. This apparently is the reason why she then got invited to enter the Big Brother House. She was very enthusiastic about our show (she was taking pictures of us backstage with her disposable camera) and she actually joined in the fun; singing and dancing with us. This very much engraciated her with the boys and when she got in the House, there were calls in the Chorus to get out there when she is evicted to support her. As the person in charge of marketing for the Chorus, I contacted the producers of the show to offer the Chorus. Someone from the Chorus managed to find contacts. They passes us on to BBLB and it looks now that we will be on air tomorrow morning (Friday) at 8am as Rula got nominated for eviction last night. I am waiting for another phone call for confirmation of this.

If this goes ahead, we will probably need to be at the studio for 6am, in time for a rehearsal before facing the cameras and the lovely Dermot O'Leary (who, knowledgeable rumour has it, is one of us...) at 8am. Thankfully, because the studio is somewhere in the sticks, we will be chauffeured there (how the other half lives!). The bonus to all this, of course, is some exposure on national TV for the Chorus: not to be sniffed at.

More to come soon, I expect...

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