Thursday, 26 January 2006

Eye Candy

My blogchild is launching a new blog, appealing to two of the higher instincts of mankind in general and gay men in particular: their stomach and their libido.

The blog, the concept of which I claim full responsibility for, will be dedicated to recipes and pictures of hunky men. I figured out from various observations that this would probably be the surest way to gain high traffic very quickly.

Consider this blog an experiment.

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  1. actualllyyyyy....... Blog Dady....

    I said I get most hits on my site from Hunky pics and bananananana bread recipies.

    You just put the two together.


  2. Oh and another thing....

    You so do not want to upset me or i'll publish those photos from the weekend :0)

  3. I thought you wanted to ATTRACT people to that site?!?!?!


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