Friday, 13 January 2006


Don't worry I can't pronounce that word either. It is the technical term to designate the fear of Friday 13th. No doubt, the witch on the other side would have plenty of interesting things to tell us about this.

As it happens, today is Friday 13th; hence this post. I do not suffer myself of thingummyphobia. I am not generally superstitious. Being superstitious brings bad luck anyway! If I must choose, I prefer to the other superstition (which they have in France alongside that one) that Friday 13th is actually a lucky day. Don't anyone I know come to me and tell me I am a pessimist after that.

I therefore started the day with no particular preconception or expectation. It was just going to be another boring day at the mill. Had I read the first page of this article however, I would have known better! As I was about halfway to work, my bus suddenly made a left instead of going straight on as it should and took us on a scenic and busy route in the general direction of where we were all expecting to go. At some point the bus stopped for quite a while, the traffic not moving. As I was by then fairly close to work I decided to finish my trip on foot. When I got to work (about 30 min later the usual), I was told that a lorry had apparently overturned on the road my bus should have followed.

Appart from that, the day so far, has been a series of small crises, including, 10 min ago, a grown up woman (late 40's) starting to cry in my office before expressing her gratitude to me. The day is still young and there is time for some real excitement yet! Not that am looking forward to it... I am shattered already.

(can you tell I am low on things to blog about at the moment?)

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  1. Clearly you should be posting lots about how much you're longing to meet me because Slightly thinks I should cock you up the arse or something.

  2. Well, we both know (I hope) that Slightly can not think quite straight and that therefore what he thinks is completely irrelevant...

    Are you offering "or something"?

  3. Consider it an "invitation to tender."

  4. Don't ring us, we'll ring you...

  5. See? Slightly gives rubbish advice on how to make passes at his friends. He told me that was the best approach to take, too. I thought I was onto a winner, and everything.

    *skulks off*

  6. Isn't life a bitch?!?!?

    It is only to the shortness of your acquaintance with Slightly that I want attribute the fact that you actually thought it a good idea to follow his advice...

    I'll let you off this time, but don't do it again!
    And don't slouch!


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