Wednesday, 25 January 2006

Bigotted But Not Racist

The tour of Jerry Springer, the Opera is about to open and Christian Voice and their local friends (Action Group Springer) are about to start demonstrating against the show in Plymouth. It seems however that there is an unexpected and unwanted guest to the party: the BNP.

Stephen Green (director of Christian Voice) and his friends are not happy that Graham Green (local BNP man) and his friends should want to join in the fun and help handing out leaflets:
Action Group Springer's leader, the Reverend John Hollins, said he was "horrified" by the BNP's claims.

"I would be appalled to think any of our leaflet distributors were members of the BNP," he said. "They are purveyors of hate and we are purveyors of love. We're Christians.

"I don't go around asking our leaflet people what their political persuasion is.

"They claim they've been supporting us and maybe they hold the same view on this issue but we would repudiate their involvement with us absolutely."
[emphasis added for comic effect]

Of course this is not the first time that “good Christians” have to lie in the bed they have made and are failing to find the bride to their taste. In October last year, members of the Texan anti-same-sex marriage group Texas Restoration Project found that the Klu Klux Klan shared their views and wanted to come and lend support to the demonstration they were organising. Again, a swift ballet of dissociation took place.

I have to say however, that while we might be slightly sceptical in the Texan episode, I tend to believe Christian Voice et al when they say they have nothing to do with the BNP. The proof I will bring to support this, it the picture below. It was taken in January 2005 outside BBC Television Centre at the time when Christian Voice were spearheading the protest against the broadcast of Jerry Springer on BBC2. If the kind reader will take the pain to examine the picture closely, he will no doubt notice that, apart from Stephen Green, the protesters featured in the picture all seem to be members of the black and minority ethnic social group.

I had found this point of interest when I first came across the picture but it now makes obvious the Christian Voice would not want to be seen to be associated with a group notoriously rigid in its views on immigration and ethnic minority (some would say that it is racist). While we don’t know how many members Christian Voice have (they refuse to say), it is, I think, fair to deduce from this picture that a large number of them are of BME origins. They simply cannot afford to alienate them.

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  1. A funny point made very well. just because I don't like the BNP doesn't mean that I don't like 'Christian Voice' type groups too.

  2. Good post!

    Here's an understatement: the BNP, "some would say that it is racist".

  3. The only thing that has been exposed is the mass media's campaign to perpetuate the lie that if you support BNP policies you must be smelly and poor or unintelligent and unsophisticated or ugly and unpopular. The truth is high culture has always been attracted to parties which are out to preserve a high culture.


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