Friday, 27 January 2006

Today is...

... the anniversary of Mozart's birth. I am sure everybody who isn't living under a rock will have heard of that; even Google are celebrating this in their logo.

More importantly, however, today is Holocaust Memorial Day.

Nothing as interesting as moving and powerful as last year for me today, unfortunately.

Spare a thought for ALL the victims of the Nazis but also of the other genocides which have taken place since then and are still taking place now. People tend to tag these "events" as inhuman. I contend that they are indeed all too human. Xenophobia and intolerance are at their root and both spring, I think, mostly from ignorance and religous sytems taken to extremes.

For many years, the plight of homosexuals (and of other minorities; one thinks of the Roma people) in the camp have been eclipsed by the huge amount of Jewish victims, when not simply negated. Sometimes it still is. Lest we forget; lest it happens again:

The Germans are on the case.

Pierre Seel, one of the last French survivors, died in November last year.

Holocaust Memorial Day

Gay Holocaust Memorial Site

Gay Holocaust Memorial

Pink Triangle

Pink Triangle Coalition

Homosexuals and the Holocaust, an essaie by Ben S. Austin

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