Friday, 6 January 2006

Links to Brokeback

Official website.
Read the short story online.
This is the story as originally published in the New Yorker. It was reworked slighlty by the author for book publication.

Annie Proulx discusses the origins of 'Brokeback Mountain'

“I got juice from the gay love” - Ang Lee on the film.

Three very interesting articles from the Guardian:

Out takes
In this deeply personal essay, gay novelist Adam Mars-Jones asks, has Hollywood finally made a grown-up movie about homosexuality?

Way out west
What's all the outrage about a new gay cowboy movie? The American western has always throbbed with latent homoeroticism, says John Patterson.

Across the great divide
Brokeback Mountain is far more than a gay western. It's a great American love story, writes Rick Moody .

You can read my two review posts here and here.

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