Saturday, 28 January 2006

Pierre Seel - A Gay Survivor

Pierre Seel

Two posts below, I mentioned that 27 January is Holocaust Memorial Day. In the same post, I highlighted the fact that for many years, the sheer number of Jewish victims of the Holocaust, probably combined with a good dose of prejudice, prevented other minorities to be recognised as having been victims of the Nazis. I also mentioned the death in November last year of Pierre Seel, the only French person to actually come out and tell their story as a homosexual victim of the camps. He then went on to fight for the official recognition by the French state of homosexual victims.

Pierre SeelAs one can expect, there is not much available on the net to celebrate and publicise this man's ordeals and struggles. As of tonight, there is a little more however. I have spent my evening compiling and publishing a page dedicated to Pierre Seel on the excellent Wikipedia. You can read it by clicking on the pictures.

I hope you find this of interest.

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