Friday, 24 February 2006

Any Questions?

If you are not going out tonight, tune in to Radio 4 at 8pm (UK time) and listen to me and Slightly clapping as members of the audience of Any Questions?. The show is being recording live at Morley College, round the corner from where I live. How is that for fun on a Friday evening?! The panel (list below) should make for some interesting discussion. I particularly look forward to hear what Tebbit and Germaine Greer have to say to each other.

The panel:
Chris Huhne MP
Candidate in the Lib-Dem leadership election

Germaine Greer
Author and commentator

Lord Tebbit
Former chairman of the Conservative Party

Trevor Kavanagh
Associate Editor of the Sun

The questions, about news items of the past week, are usually asked by members of the audience. Yesterday I received the tickets which include a flat where to fill in our details and write down a question we would like to ask to the panel. I will suggest the following and hope it gets chosen:

The call from all quarters to save the grade II listed building in Camden Town where French poets Verlaine and Rimbaud lived and wrote for a while, highlights the need to protect and celebrate LGBT history. February 2006 sees the second edition of LGBT History Month, which is doing just that, with hundreds of events across the country. What do the panel thing of the existence of such a month? And do they support the campaign to save the building? *

That should get Tebbit going nicely and show what a dinosaur he is , seemingly disconnected with his party's new line (as I mentioned recently - see the comments for that post too). My guess is that Kavanagh shouldn't be too far behind. Of course, Huhne, as a leadership contestant for the Lib Dems, might also have a few thoughts on the subject, due to recent events in his party. Contemporary LGBT History is often linked to feminism and that is Germaine Greer's patch.

If you are going out, you get a second chance to listen to the show on Saturday between 1:10 and 2:00pm, followed by Any Answers? where auditors phone in to comment on the show.

* If my question is selected, I get to read it on air. That would probably be one of the first times, they have someone with a foreign accent asking a question on this show.

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