Friday, 24 February 2006

Mark Oaten

Mark Oaten, the Lib Dem leardership candidate and then Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary, who was outed on 21 January this year by (yet again) the News of the World for having been involved with a male escort, had some interesting advice for the government just a few days before the revelations were made:
Prostitution strategy a missed opportunity - 17th January 2006.

Responding to the Government's new strategy on prostitution, Mark Oaten MP, Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary, said: "While the Government is right to highlight the abuse involved in on-street prostitution, this new strategy is a missed opportunity. It will do very little to reduce the number of prostitutes on the street, to improve the appalling conditions they work in, or to tackle health problems. "We need smart solutions not the same old failed approach. We support the piloting of 'managed zones' in designated areas of cities, subject to a code of conduct and regular contact with police and health workers. "The object of these zones is not to 'tolerate' prostitution but to move it to a specified area where professionals can work with prostitutes to help them reach a point where they can choose other employment. The example of Liverpool shows that the idea is effective, and that plans for a zone can be drawn up without alienating businesses or local people." Mr Oaten also highlighted the need to tackle people trafficking: "We need a dedicated border force to boost detection and help with the gathering of intelligence. The women themselves should be allowed a 'period of reflection' when discovered, to recover from their ordeal and decide if they want to assist with the prosecution of gang members."

I guess, they should listen to him. The man knows what he is talking about,after all.

Thanks to Ravi.

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