Monday, 6 February 2006

A New Hat

On Friday, I attended the AGM of the Southwark LGBT Network. After a few songs by the Pink Singers. The meeting itself took place. After the usual annual report from the Chair, the matter of electing the members of the executive committee was dealt with.

For the past year or so, I have been the Secretary of the Network. Last year’s AGM was my real contact with the Network and, full of good will and unspent energy I had decided to stand when it became obvious that no one was interested in the position. The tasks attached to the position are, to be honest, not very onerous and consist in attending a meeting once a month or so and to take the minutes.

You are now reading the blog of the new Co-Chair of the Southwark LGBT Network. The other Co-chair being Linda Bellos. Linda had approached me at the previous executive meeting and had asked me whether I would consider standing as Co-Chair.

The network is the interlocutor of choice for the Council in matters LGBT but also tries to foster a vibrant and supportive LGBT community within Southwark. Although we are very close to Soho and the West End, there is very little alternative to the “gay scene” of clubs and bars. The Network’s aim is to help this alternative come to reality by creating events and acting as a link between the different groups in the Borough.

The biggest success of the Network so far is probably to secure funding for a post of Community Development Worker, which has now being going on for over a year.

Oh and Slightly was volunteered to run as executive member too.

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