Thursday, 9 February 2006

"I Told You So" Moment

Three months after the introduction of the new Licencing Law, official figures confirm what you were able to read on this blog in November.
The forecast catastrophe has not happened:

Booze Britain? Drink-fuelled crime and violence slump after new licensing laws take effect
We were warned: Liberalisation of drink laws would fuel disorder
The sober truth: Serious violent crime has fallen 21% - and is down by twice that in some towns - while there are 14% fewer woundings
As for drinks firms? They are reporting no windfall profits.

Of course, the Tories are quick to point out that the introduction of the new opening hours were accompanied by £2.5M for extra policing and that the figures published yesterday therefore mean nothing. The money has, it seems, now run out; we should, as a result, prepare ourselves for the end of the world... again!

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