Monday, 20 February 2006

Nicky Byrne

For some strange reason, I have been getting a lot of traffic via Google Image from people looking for pictures of Nicky Byrne, a blond member of pop band Westlife. So much so that the pic (and therefore my blog) is ranking 7 out of 1,460 in the search results.

I had linked to this picture (from the official Westlife website) following a sighting of the young man (not the worst looking in the band either) one day in Hammersmith (read the post) and Google seem to believe that the picture is on display on this blog. Since people looking for this pic must be slightly disappointed not find it (Google doesn't link to the actually post but the blog in general), I have decided to actually post this pic and hopefully people will get what they want.

If you come here looking for a picture of Mr Byrne, welcome. Please will free to have a noise around. I hope you enjoy your visit and will come again.

An now, without any more ado, I give you: *drum roll*

Nicky Byrne

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