Wednesday, 15 February 2006

Health Bulletin

Those of you who, for some unknown reason, venture on the Ohter Side, will probably have read this post. You will therefore know that Slightly has started to molest me, so desperate is he for something to post on his blog.

As I know that you must have been spending hours of sweating anxiety since you read how he so shamlessly took advantage of me (not in that way, you perv!), I would like to take this opportunity to reassure you and published a summary of my state of health for the expectant world to let out a sigh of relief and go about its daily business again.

Because my new gash (watch it!) is situated bang in the middle of my left foot sole, I have to limp on the ball of this feet. I have taken to wearing plimsoles which is not exactly a great look, it allows me keep my heel out of my footwear and leave my sole free of any contact with the shoe. Again not a great look but it is very handy to get right of way on a busy pavement in the morning.

While I hobble about as fast as your gran would on the way to have her very last tooth pulled out, gangrene has not set in yet, although I do still harbour hopes in this respect.

Finally I would like to make a plea to Zeb Atlas, who, as we all know, is NOT Slighty's boyfriend, to get in touch with me and to put his gorgeous muscly hunk of a man's body *slobber* at my disposal (again! put it away, you dirty!) and to just come and carry me around... it is that or a wheelchair... and let's face it that's a much better look!

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  1. Oh stop blaming me and stop whining!

    Zeb is mine I tell you ALL MINE !!!!!!!


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