Monday, 20 February 2006


I have already ranted in the past about the lack of consideration for others evinced by smokers. Not only do they claim that the recent ban on smoking in public places goes against their civil liberties, they refuse to see that their smoking goes against non-smokers liberty to enjoy smoke free environments.

Another, perhaps less obvious proof of the lack of civility of most smokers, is the disgusting habit a lot of them of just dumping their fag ends anywhere, creating lots of rubbish. The fact that smokers will find themselves on the streets to indulge as of summer 2007, will probably not help this problem.

This type of litter is unsightly and difficult to clean up, as the small filters fall into grates and cracks in the pavement, avoiding detection by normal cleaning processes. Cigarette filters are composed of cellulose acetate, a plastic that can take anywhere between 18 months and 500 years to break down and be absorbed back into the environment. Deposition can also lead to toxins leaking into watercourses which pose a serious threat to our wildlife.

Keep Britain Tidy are therefore launching a campaign to try and train smokers to disregard their rejects in a more appropriate manner. As part of the campaign, they have come up with Stubbi, a "pocket ashtray".

I would like to think this will work but unfortunately, it is already quite obvious that a lot of smokers are too lazy to take the two steps to the nearest ashtray. Why would they bother remembering to carry one with them, put the ciggy butts in it, empty it when full and so forth?

Of course lazyness and lack of consideration, are not restricted to cigarettes. People should generally learn not to drop there litter anywhere else than in a bin.

One can live in hope!


  1. Interesting observation about smoking from my home country Norway.
    Smoking was banned in all public places including bars and restaurants a few years ago.
    First it was an outrage and pub and bar owners thought they would loose all their costumers.

    It didn't happen, people adjusted to the ban very quickly.
    there are of course still some hard liners but not as many as you could expect.
    It is nice to know math you can go out for a drink or a meal without being polluted with smoke.
    there are no miracles and people still smoke outside and trow their kips anywhere.

    I guess for a kip free environments you would have to go to Singapore.

  2. Check out:

  3. You rant about a wisp of cigarette smoke while ignoring industrial and automotive pollution by the ton.
    You rant about cigarette butts on the ground while ignoring litter by the ton.

    For politicians to give the upper hand to recreational squawkers like yourself is barbaric.
    It calls for vigilante justice.

  4. Yes I rant. That's what blogs are for. First I would like to congratulate you on your courage: posting aggressive comments annonymously is always conducive of constructive dialogue. Well done!

    I rant about cigarette smoke and butts while ignoring other more important sources of pollution, you say. So if I follow your argument: lawmakers might as well go home. There will always be something more important and more urgent. But hey, here is news for you Mr Annonymous. One needs to start somewhere.

    My points however are not specifically about pollution but rather about the utter lack of consideration displayed by smokers towards non-smokers. Your call for vigilante justice is but another ridiculous out of proportion example of this.

    Enjoy your cancer!


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